2022 Central Texas Corporate Giving Survey

Central Texas businesses make a habit of supporting our community – share your organization’s voice by lending your story through the 2022 Central Texas Corporate Giving Survey! It’s free, anonymous, and only takes a few minutes to complete.

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What is Your Company’s Commitment?

Find out how Central Texas companies are addressing our community’s greatest needs, and consider how your own organization’s corporate giving compares to those efforts.

The Report

Last year, Central Texas companies participated in our 2021 survey to tell us how deeply our business community cares about the nonprofit fabric that makes Central Texas one of the best places to live and work.

It makes me proud to know that Central Texas businesses are forces for good in our community. In addition to the services, products and employment they offer, they also provide nonprofits with donations and employee volunteer hours that help fulfill a variety of missions, from education and human services to environmental and animal welfare causes.

That’s why I support Growing Good’s Central Texas Corporate Giving Survey: For the past five years, it’s helped us draw a clear picture of the incredible philanthropic support among organizations in our great community, and tells us in what ways, and to which types of causes, businesses are contributing. It also inspires us all to talk more about philanthropy and supporting others.

Austin Mayor Steve Adler

Why We Created Growing Good

Central Texas is a special place, and our spirit of philanthropy reflects that. It’s not just where we live, work and play – but also where we care and support the causes that are important to us. It’s important to know how our business community demonstrates that vision of caring to help identify key areas of growth, need, and ultimately, to increase generosity across our community.

Do local companies have philanthropy budgets?

How do businesses support the nonprofit community?

How has the COVID-19 pandemic impacted corporate giving?

What motivates a business to engage in philanthropy, and who makes those decisions?

Since 2015, the Central Texas Corporate Giving Survey has sought to answer these and other questions. We take a data-driven approach to share this thought leadership. Formed in 2020 to carry on and expand the work originally done by corporate philanthropy consultant Lisa Rodman, Growing Good is a partnership between I Live Here I Give Here, RecognizeGood, BBB serving the Heart of Texas and the Greater Austin Chamber of Commerce.

We receive additional support from ABC Home & Commercial Services, Texas Mutual Insurance Company and ECPR. Additionally, we have identified important community partners such as the City of Austin’s Corporate Engagement Council.

Together, we feel strongly about our mission to tell the story of philanthropy in Central Texas because an informed community is a more generous community.

Through direct feedback from local businesses, we are able to identify trends and create benchmarks by which business leaders can measure their own corporate philanthropy and be inspired to engage their employees through different methods of giving. Sharing your data and feedback will help create a more vibrant picture of corporate philanthropy to help inspire other businesses to embrace generosity.

We would like to thank all of our partners who help us extend our survey outreach efforts to area businesses.

Growing Good

What business & nonprofit leaders are saying…

We have a great giving & volunteer program, but we’re always looking for best-practices to help us refine where we divide our efforts, how to best engage our unique workforce, and how to track these efforts.”

Amanda Kuda, VP of Communication, Kerbey Lane Café

We know a responsible and inclusive business unleashes innovation, makes our people proud, and builds trust with our customers and partners. Social Impact is a business imperative, essential to our success.”

– Jeremy Ford, Director of Global Giving, Dell, Inc.
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