DISCO Cares: To Help Is Human

Collection of excerpts from the DISCO Cares blog, by James “Buck” Bracey.

With our new motto, ”to help is human,” we hit the ground running. In Q1 2020, we hit a 35% participation rate in a single event, with over 100 employees representing every department in the company.

However, like so many companies, the global COVID-19 pandemic threw a wrench in our plans as we entered Q2, and we had to improvise.

Unable to volunteer in person, we shifted to virtual volunteering and mentoring, and implemented creative fundraising campaigns to help those in need. We’re proud that even given the stresses of working from home and an abundance of Zoom meetings, our employees were still eager to volunteer during a time that was so challenging for so much of our community.

The metric that I admire the most is our participation rate. Since inception, we have had >60% participation every year and 100% executive participation every year. Already YTD in this pandemic environment, we have had 100% executive participation and 58% employee participation rate.

This excerpt originally appeared on the DISCO blog, at https://www.csdisco.com/blog/disco-cares-the-power-of-community.

So far this year [through July 2020], over 175 DISCO employees have paid it forward through our DISCO Cares initiatives, supporting causes in education, basic needs, and human services — including over $50,000 in employee lead contributions, and over 150 volunteer hours.

This excerpt originally appeared on the DISCO blog, at https://www.csdisco.com/blog/disco-cares-to-help-is-human.

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